Virtual reality

An engaging and effective way to learn

Virtual reality is a 3-D representation of the real world where people can learn in a ‘safe’ environment. Learners are immersed in realistic or fantastical scenarios, role-play and game-style learning activities. It’s highly interactive and creates engaging and effective learning that prepares learners for real-life experiences. We can develop VR courses on any topic and in any setting, real or imagined. We can even create virtual versions of real people. And it’s not as costly as you might think!

Here are a couple of examples of what we can do. Click on the images to launch the demos.

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Demo 1:

Handling Difficult Situations


A staff member has to deal with an irate customer.  In this example, the customer is a theatre patron – though the setting can be any workplace where you are likely to deal with difficult situations, complaints, etc.
As you work through the module, you decide how the staff member will react at each stage of the scenario, and the ‘patron’ reacts accordingly. This is particularly useful as a form of role play in a ‘safe’ environment.
The sample includes voice-over and subtitles.

Demo 2:

Data Protection Mission


As the learner, you are on a secret mission to find out who has breached the GDPR and leaked data from the organisation. The demo features an introduction and interviews, after which you accuse the staff member you think is responsible for the leak.
The sample contains subtitles but no voice-over.