Eat, drink and stay healthy!

Be wary of buffet food. Has it been kept at safe temperatures?

Here in the Ashford office, surrounded as we are by some of the finest restaurants and food outlets, food and beverages are never far from our thoughts. We always have coffee and cake or biscuits ready for clients and visitors who pop in to see the team. And a lot of our work is based around food, especially allergen awareness and food safety training for people who work with food.

Food safety revolves around a set of basic rules, designed to prevent food poisoning. It occurred to us that […]

1 October 2019|Elearning, Training, Writing and editing|

So last century! But the rules of punctuation and grammar still apply (mostly)

Punctuation: the difference between ‘Let’s cook mother’ and ‘Let’s cook, mother’.

While celebrating Punctuation Day on September 24, Ashford’s resident punctuation enforcer stumbled across an old notepad. The faded jotter, whose tatty pages are stained with ancient coffee cup rings, dates from our Editor’s previous life as a newspaper hack. […]

1 October 2019|Tips and tricks, Writing and editing|
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